Planning your wedding in Lethbridge offers a wonderful palette of choices, from the serene elegance of The Norland Historic Estate to the rustic charm of the Countryside Barn. Sky + Table Event Group brings these exceptional Lethbridge wedding venues under one umbrella, along with the impeccable catering services of LA Chefs Catering and the extensive rental options from Lethbridge Event Rentals, to ensure your wedding day is exactly as you’ve dreamed, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration.


Deciding on Your Guest List

The first step in choosing the right venue size is considering your guest list. An intimate wedding, often with 50 guests or fewer, allows for personal touches and meaningful interactions. For those envisioning a larger celebration, venues like The Coast Hotel Conference Centre can accommodate your extended circle in style, making no compromise on comfort and experience.


Venue Choices Tailored to Your Vision

Each venue in our collection offers unique settings for weddings of all sizes:

The Norland Historic Estate provides a timeless backdrop, where the grandeur of the estate is equally suited for lavish receptions as it is for more personal, smaller ceremonies. Its versatility ensures your wedding feels bespoke, whether you’re inviting everyone you know or just close friends and family.

Countryside Barn offers a blend of rustic beauty and intimate warmth, making it perfect for those who prefer a medium-sized wedding with a personal feel. Its picturesque landscapes offer a serene setting that feels private and exclusive.

The Coast Hotel Conference Centre excels in hosting grand weddings with its spacious ballrooms and modern amenities. Its scale doesn’t detract from the personalized experience each couple receives, ensuring your large wedding feels as intimate as you wish. The coast also boasts smaller spaces for more intimate weddings.


Style and Atmosphere

Your wedding style and the atmosphere you wish to create are also crucial in selecting the right venue size. Intimate weddings often lend themselves to more detailed, personalized touches, while grand weddings can be designed to awe and entertain on a larger scale. Consider what feels true to you as a couple and how you want to remember your day.

No matter the size of your wedding, Lethbridge Event Rentals can provide the necessary furnishings and decor to transform any space into the wedding venue of your dreams. From intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, they have everything you need to personalize your venue.


Budget Considerations

Budget is another important consideration when choosing your wedding size. Intimate weddings can be more cost-effective, allowing for more budget to be allocated to other aspects, such as cuisine or entertainment. Conversely, grand weddings, with their larger guest lists, require a bigger budget but offer the excitement and festivity of a large celebration.


Making Your Choice

Choosing between an intimate or grand wedding in Lethbridge doesn’t have to be a compromise. It’s about what feels right for you as a couple and how you want to celebrate your love. With Sky + Table Event Group, The Norland Historic Estate, Countryside Barn, The Coast Hotel Conference Centre, LA Chefs Catering, and Lethbridge Event Rentals, your wedding will be a beautiful reflection of your journey together, no matter the size.

In Lethbridge, your wedding day possibilities are endless. Let us help you make those decisions easier by offering venues and services that cater to every need, ensuring your day is remembered for the love shared and the joy experienced, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you.